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Meet the Parents




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Meet the Parents will tickle some funny bones more than others.

Ben Stiller plays a meek and shy guy who is scheduled to meet his girlfriend's father for the first time, who is played by DeNiro, a retired CIA agent who just doesn't think any guy is good enough for his daughter.

The movie builds some tension, which makes it more realistic and funny.

There's good chemistry between DeNiro and Stiller, with comic timing and witty dialog.

Not a bad flick.

When love comes through the door, common sense goes out the window, which is exactly what Ben Stiller finds out as he Meets the Parents.

The chemistry is right, and DeNiro and Stiller are great playing off each other; however, the stilted writing prevents them from ever being truly original--not nearly as inspired as There's Something about Mary.

With gags that are hit and miss, it still has some funny moments and a couple of good belly laughs.

The director and a team of screenwriters take the cheap way out in the movie Meet the Parents.

The disaster comedy has a series of unfunny jokes that refer to the main character's very unusual last name. This five-letter name as well as other material really pushes the PG-13 rating.

This is my main gripe; I think the film should have been rated R with its crude sexual humor, scattered strong profanity, simulated sex (overheard), and glimpses of nude photos.

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