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Machete is exactly made like they wanted it to be, a good-old-fashion shocker B movie having a ball -- if you can think of this film as the ultimate revenge flick and never take it very seriously.

Although grisly, it's cartoonish.

Now remember this film is done very violently, but tongue-in-cheek all the way.

Sometimes he doesn't have his machete with him & he uses a weed eater, but calling this film Weed Eater wouldn't have the same punch to it.

So give it a try & have some fun.

Director Rodriguez obviously has an axe, I mean machete, to grind about immigration in this cheesy exploitation film with a heavy-handed message.

Based on the fake trailer from Grindhouse, with some really good actors, it has shades of Desperado -- an over-the-top parody of bloody action films.

So if you don't like stabbings, cutting, impaling or decapitation (or, for that matter, the color red) stay away from this film.

As for me, I loved the cartoon violence.

The motion picture Machete was born as one of the fake trailers in 2007's Grindhouse movie.

The filmmaker figured the trailer was as far as it would go, but people reacted so strongly to it, they now have made a feature-length action crime thriller about the same resourceful ex-Mexican cop who's plotting revenge on a U.S. businessman and politician who double-crossed him.

The whole flick is big-time gruesome and has many bloody, violent scenes with some humor that comes and goes.

I didn't like the fake trailer shown in the past, and now the same goes for the full-length expansion film.

Machete was just too mean for my liking.

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