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Lucky Numbers




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Lucky Numbers is a film with about three or four story plots that I've seen in the past few years--with the same similarities. It's all been done before.

I thought the first half was slow and not many laughs. It does pick up near the end, but it's way too serious for a full-blown comedy.

Believe me, it's no Get Shorty. The only thing short about this picture is the humor and the script.

If you're looking for a lame comedy with despicable characters, have I got a film for you!

Lucky Numbers is not unlike Simple Plan in the way it shows greed underlying motivation. But the comparison stops there, as these characters are one-dimensional and totally unlikable.

With a bad script and bad direction masquerading as a comedy, this movie has only one place to go.

Scissors down.

Lucky Numbers is a no-brainer, darkish comedy about a Pennsylvanian weatherman who tries to rig the state lottery.

He enlists the help of his dim-witted lotto-girlfriend for his little experiment in monetary transfusion.

The movie is a farce in which everyone is either inept or corrupt or a combination of both. But, at the same time, this picture is a little commentary on human nature.

I liked the fact that the film was inspired by a real-life incident in the 1980s in which there was an attempt to fix the Pennsylvania lottery.

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