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This week's reviewed movie is:
The Lorax




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber


Dr. Seuss' The Lorax is about environmental impact and shows destruction of natural resources that
change the quality of life, making a town totally artificial.

The critters and people purchase containers of fresh air to breathe.

The big message is to show how to restore their town back to when they had trees.

The children will enjoy this animated film, and the adults will be glad they came along.
I am NOT the Lorax,
I don't talk for the trees,

I review movies,
So listen to me,

This version of greenery,
Is NOT from the Doc,

His story was bleaker,
And this one is schlock!


With the environment in the shape it's in, you'd think an overly preachy tale of the destruction of forests
would have more impact; but Dr. Seuss' ecological forecast gets a watered-down treatment in this latest movie retelling.

It's still a colorfully animated version, but with subplots, poorly written songs, and very little cleverly written rhyming language, it loses something in the translation.
Dr. Seuss is back on the big screen, after major box office success with How The Grinch Stole
Christmas and Horton Hears a Who.

Now, this time around comes a pleasing and meaningful version of his 1971 environmental warning called The Lorax.

The outcome is a good kid's movie that doesn't hold back on sending a message about care of the planet.

This is informative and valuable advice for moviegoers
of all ages.

This film is simply warm and wise and witty family entertainment that is imaginary fun for everyone.

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