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When I first heard about this movie, I didn't think I wanted to see it. Boy was I wrong!

I enjoyed this taut wartime rescue thriller that sustains a relentless explosion of energy all throughout the movie--with a truly gripping sequence that will leave you breathless over Bosnia on Christmas Day.

If you like this type of movie, take it from me. They just don't come any better.

An American pilot is down behind enemy lines. Will the powers that be get there in time? Or will he be another causality of war?

From its overly loud soundtrack to its quick-cut action sequences, this movie plays out like an extended music video.

Using every trick in the book, John Moore shows us the plights of two American heroes--both trapped within an unjust system.

Behind Enemy Lines was inspired by the true story of Captain Scott O'Grady, who was shot down over Bosnia in 1995 and for six cold days lived on insects and his smartness. His feat has been called a very good example of wilderness survival.

This movie variation of the true story belongs in a different category. When the young star gets shot down, he's basically a man on the run with the bad guys in close pursuit. So, he runs and runs and runs.

I liked the video game feel of the picture, which has several powerful scenes that I think are worth the price of admission to see.

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