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This week's reviewed movie is:
Life as We Know It




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber



Life as We Know It is a downer for a romantic comedy.

A couple on a blind date found they hate each other-- then end up with their best friends' baby girl to raise after the friends die in a car accident.

It's a little creepy to start with, but believe me it hit all the standard romantic comedy plots ever invented.

I can't say anything remotely charming or funny about this film -- but the baby girl was a pleasure to watch.

Katherine Heigl stoops to new lows playing the same character she has played in her last five films.

Romantic/comedy, tragic love story, or family melodrama? -- it really doesn't matter, as she goes through the paces proving she is indeed the Meg Ryan of the 21st century.

Filled with predictable bathroom humor, this tepid piece of fluff shows why movie-goers flock to even worse mainstream films.

It's both vapid AND lackluster!

The movie Life as We Know It is deeply flawed, but it does get some of the details right when it comes to the skill of sharing a home with an infant.

However, all the poop, vomit, sleepless nights, and cute, happy little moments can't make up for the truth that the baby baby plot framework is built out of a designed trick.

The film at times is annoying and also shockingly controlled, selling itself out for a few unearned tears.

The picture poses as a tale about the love of adoptive parents for a child, but it's really not much more than a canned, predictable, standard-order romantic comedy.

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