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What Lies Beneath




Gene the Barber

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This movie features a great cast, with Ford and Pfeiffer, mostly Pfeiffer stealing the show.

The first hour was okay; than it just fell apart into a huge pile of nothing that isn't worth sifting through.

It's incapable of delivering a supernatural terror ghost story with its boring spoofs of other scary movie climaxes.

I jumped a few times and tensed up a bit, but was very disappointed in this should-have-been ghost story.

If it wasn't for the bankability of the stars of this movie, this one would have gone straight to video.

As far as ghost stories go, this one is about as frightening as holding a flashlight under your face.

The first hour is good, but the second half descends into the predictable and trite.

Well worth missing.

What Lies Beneath is a sly, zigzaggy story. It's a paranoid thriller that pays stylish tribute to Alfred Hitchcock.

This spooky domestic thriller kind of manifests itself by the female star's thinking that she's seeing things of a supernatural nature that may or may not be there.

The creepiness factor was cranked up by visual effects and low-to-the-ground camera angles with imitation bits of Bernard Herrmann's famous scores that were effectively injected musically by composer Alan Silvestri, giving the film a blend of suspense and unexplainable phenomena.

The ending is shockingly hard to bear, but eerily satisfying.

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