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The Last Samurai




Gene the Barber

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This film shows and tells a tale of how the old school of thought--truth, honor, and respect--have gone out the window, only to be replaced by the personal effect of technology.

I was expecting very little from this film going in, but coming out I said, "Wow! What a movie."

Without going down the line, it has all the right stuff in the right places.

I expect Oscar nominations in many categories. A movie worth seeing.

Tom Cruise plays a hired Civil War mercenary captured by his enemy and forced to learn their savage ways.

Sound familiar? This is pretty much a Dances with Wolves remake.

The Last Samurai shows us how honor and destiny can be achieved through discipline, with the help of beautiful cinematography, a fairly thin script, and lots of battle scenes.

Entertaining, yet strangely familiar.

The Last Samurai is a powerful mix of heroic battle and human interest. Much of its power and passion comes from the storytelling tradition of the underdog achieving glory.

The movie, in many ways, is about the clash between the old ways of the Samurai swordsman and the new ways of the trained, gun-toting troops.

This takes place during the 19th century in Japan.

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