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Changing Lanes




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Changing Lanes kept me engaged the whole way through, cringing in my seat during certain scenes, laughing in others.

You can really connect to the people within; both the script and the actors came off as entirely believable. I enjoyed watching both men try to undermine each other without the burden of a good guy vs. a bad guy.

This is just good solid writing at its best, a ride you won't forget even on your way home after the movie is well over.

What starts out as a minor traffic accident turns into a full-fledged vendetta, thanks to the excess baggage that stars Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson also happen to be carrying.

It's a multi-level drama that fails, not because of acting, but because of an implausible script.

Thrilling, tense and perfectly average.

Changing Lanes is a clash between two flawed men. It involves a fender-bender car crash that becomes a chilling study in increased resentment and revenge.

The film is more than just about the road rage between these two men, it's about the ways they have been living their lives.

The movie is thought provoking, a story that explores the motivations behind our split-second decision making and the consequences that result.

This is a strong, truthful and intriguing piece of work.

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