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The Ladykillers




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The Ladykillers stars Tom Hanks, who plays a smooth-talking con artist, a Colonel Sanders-like Southern charmer.

He plans to knock over a river boat casino on the Mississippi, renting the basement of an unsuspecting local elderly woman to dig a tunnel to the casino's vault, with the help of his so-called crazy band members.

The Coen brothers' special touch made it work for me. They're always off the wall, with their bizarre style of humor and a cast full of funny, nutcake characters--making it fresh and fun for me.

When it comes to dark humor, no one does it like the Coen brothers, and when this one is dark, it's really funny.

However, that doesn't happen until the final third of this film, making you wonder what happened to the rest of this movie.

Have the Coens lost their edge? As remakes go, this one is intolerable cruelty and deserved much better.

Stick to the 1955 original.

I found most of the characters in this robbery caper farce to be enjoyable, but the over use of four-letter and 12-letter words (by one character) became a distraction for me, especially when no one else in the story used foul language.

I found this dialog completely unnecessary and irritating for this movie.

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