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K-PAX is a pleasant, well-executed movie, and doesn't fit any of Hollywood's old formulas. It allows intelligent audiences to come to their own conclusions.

Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges both have the talent to pull this story off for me. Based on the 1995 book by Gene Brewer, it follows the thin line between sanity, insanity, logic, and fantasy.

Without Kevin Spacey's ability, this film would be almost nothing. It speaks of love, tolerance, and is profoundly moving--a good message for our times.

Ex-Starman Jeff Bridges links up with Kevin Spacey in K-PAX, a beautiful comedy about faith that turns into a drama about family.

Oh, we've seen it all before; is he an alien, or is it his way of dealing with a troubled past? If he's so crazy, why is he curing all the patients in the mental ward? And how does he know all that stuff about astronomy?

Well, whether friend or foe, it's nice to have a visit, even though it was only for a couple of hours.

(Sings, For He's a Jolly Good Fellow)

K-PAX starts off well, but in the second half the plot turns and loses its comic and imaginative edge, which disrupts its pace and brings the movie down to a hokey level.

It's a shame that the picture develops into such a conventional disappointment. There's so much left unexplained in the end that it left me unsatisfied.

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