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The Knight's Tale




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A Knight's Tale is a modern fairy tale inspired by 14th-century author Geoffrey Chaucer.

In this movie Chaucer appears as one of the characters. He forges papers to prove a peasant named William is really a knight authorized to compete in jousting tournaments.

Some of the dance and crowd scenes use 70's music like "We will rock you" as spectators of the tournaments act much like today's spectators at a football or baseball game.

This action-packed sentimental romantic farce in which a common peasant becomes a true knight and wins the heart and hand of his lady really rocks.

A Knight's Tale is not a good action movie; it is not a good romantic film, nor is it a good comedy or drama.

What it is- is a bizarre juxtaposition of old and new; which would have worked, had this been an absurd comedy, which it isn't.

Played a little too straight for its own good, the product placement put it over the edge for me. A soundtrack in search of a script.

A Knight's Tale, a middle-ages action-adventure piece with a historical romance thrown in; as well as a rock soundtrack.

Don't take the characters and their overall predicament too seriously if you want to enjoy this picture. The movie is a study of chronological discrepancies; many are intentional, which provokes its share of laughter. A Knight's Tale loses energy even as lances fly.

But for all the jesting and jousting, I found it entertaining. A bit of action, a bit of romance, and a bit of humor, drama and happy-go-luckiness for everyone

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