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Shanghai Knights suffers from sequelitis; it just can't hold a candle to the original. It follows the same format as its predecessor in a new setting.

The action scenes involving Chan are still pretty spectacular. He is still all about sheer joy and energy that he projects onto the screen.

For the real Jackie Chan fans, it's worth a peek; for myself, hopefully the franchise will end right now.

Jackie Chan buddies up with Owen Wilson, demonstrating once again the total lack of chemistry between them.

Add to the mix the fish-out-of-water element (this time they're in London), an attractive Kung Fu-fighting sister, and more anachronisms than there are funny moments in this film.

Still, Jackie Chan is fun to watch, but a comedy revenge film?

This is an action-comedy sequel with its cuckoo-cowboy stars off this time on a mission to Victorian England.

The film is a more ambitious follow up, that's filled with stunts, duels, parliamentary intrigue, and clever walk-ons by turn-of-the-century figures.

It's silly, undemanding entertainment, a fun mix of movie nostalgia.

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