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Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps




Gene the Barber

Snick the Sidekick

Gordie the Barber




This how-low-can-you-go comedy just didn't stack up to the first Nutty Professor. Being funny for three minutes doesn't make it funny for 100 minutes.

They kept shifting back and forth to another Klump every five minutes, and there's no foundation for the story to build on. It just stopped every time it shifted to another Klump.

Each character wanted to be the star with his stand-alone jokes, and after a while I just wanted it to end, with a lump on the Klumps.

As sequels go, this is a typical one and it's too bad. Eddie Murphy does wonders with the seven characters he plays--made up by make-up wizard Rick Baker.

But the crude jokes and simplistic bathroom humor pull this movie down to a level it never recovers from.

Too much gas and not enough class.

The humor is at the bottom in Nutty Professor 2, despite the star's talent and versatility.

He plays as many as eight different roles in this lowbrow, bad-taste sequel that is twice as wild and raunchy as its predecessor.

It might have helped if NP2 was originated on the appearance of a logical/sane storyline, but this plot is too ridiculous and foolish even for this kind of comic production.

The movie is messy and scatter shot, with a story that's not much more than a dirty version of Flubber.

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