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Kill Bill: Vol 1




Gene the Barber

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Some audiences will enjoy Kill Bill depending on how they feel about writer/director Quentin Tarantino; you'll either love him or hate him.

For those who can stomach his brand of ultra-violence (like myself), this revenge story is an atomic-fueled thrill ride that will satisfy even the most far out-crazed action fan.

Tarantino's talent has the ability to click into the viewer's movie-going experience like a TV remote, and restart memories of earlier film favorites.

For many, maybe a little sick, but for me, very clever and sometimes flat out hilarious.

I can't wait for Kill Bill: Vol. 2

There's never a dull moment, as a bride left for dead awakens from a four-year coma to seek revenge on those who did her wrong.

Kill Bill is Tarantino's homage to film and film styles. With an uncanny eye to detail, he pays his collective respect to Japanese samurai, Chinese Kung fu, Italian westerns, and modern Anime.

Rude and crude, with far less chatter, and way more splatter.

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 is basically a get-even movie.

The star awakens after a four-year coma and starts working her way down a long list, killing people.

The director has dressed up this film with martial arts and overflowing amounts of gushing blood.

This 90-minute wild tumble of sword fights is the substance of the picture that becomes a massive wallow in gore by the end.

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