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All the unanswered questions from Kill Bill: Vol. 1 get cleaned up, but the style and approach are rather different in Kill Bill: Vol.2.

Tarantino seems to know just how to toss in fresh new ideas and spin a tale of love, murder, reflection, parenthood, and revenge in his own style, where you're always waiting for him to generate and hold suspense throughout the movie.

Even during the most slow and laid back moments, the threat of danger is always there. You can't outguess Tarantino; that's why he's my main-man for the pictures I always like and enjoy.

Playing more like a romantic comedy than its gorefest predecessor, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 is a completely different movie.

A tribute to Chinese Kung Fu and Leone westerns, it shows the softer side of deadly killers.

It's the story behind the story that answers all your questions and, at the same time, provokes a few new ones.

Yes, the bride is back (and she has a name!) but not with the vengeance you might imagine.

Still, Tarantino packs a punch with one of the most original films to come along in a long while.

I liked Kill Bill: Vol. 2.

The movie stands alone as a clever, witty, and entertaining action picture. The hideous violence and blood-saturated gore of the first installment is mostly absent in Volume 2.

This film is the most unlikely of revenge movies, a character-driven and visually sophisticated look at one angry mother.

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