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Runaway Jury




Gene the Barber

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Runaway Jury has a list of impressive actors that shows how the jury selection is the key to winning a major trial.

It also shows the judicial process of the legal shenanigans that occur when searching for the truth gets pushed aside in favor of winning at any cost.

This legal thriller is a maze of plot twists and political statements you'll love to watch unfold--double crosses on top of double crosses.

This absolutely ridiculous tale of jury tampering is made quite enjoyable thanks to great acting and some surprising plot twists.

Based on John Grisham's 1996 novel, this courtroom thriller attempts to show how far big business is willing to go top protect their interests, and exactly what can happen when a loose cannon is on the jury.

A questionable movie made good with the help of great casting.

Runaway Jury is a courtroom drama with a forceful story that keeps you guessing and off balance, but hooks your interest after a short time.

The plot centers on an intense trial against a big gun dealer.

Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman have become two of the most respected actors of their generation. Seeing the two legends square off for the first time was a treat for me.

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