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Jumper tells the story of David Rice, discovering he can jump to other locations with powers to teleport himself into bank vaults and make off with lots of cash that enables him to live the high life -- jumping all over the globe.

It never explains how and why; the science behind teleportation is never made clear.

It's hard to overlook the overall nonsense of this story, but it should work out for the younger set.

Scissors down for myself.

Jumper is the worst kind of bad movie -- one with potential that never goes anywhere.

Sure, it has bad acting, an interesting concept, and, oh yeah, Samuel Jackson in a white wig.

But there's hardly enough meat on this fantasy bone to even sink one's tooth into.

Completely awful!

The logic of this science-fiction movie is based on a childhood escape fantasy that simply didn't work for me.

In my view, I couldn't find the real point or the essential part of anything in this film.

There's no real behavior in this comic book material, just endless movement brought off with empty skill.

In other words, it's all concept and no substance.

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