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The Italian Job is a blast from start to finish, filled with thrilling chase scenes, clever robbery plans, and funny characters at beautiful locations around the world.

What really captured my attention was the souped-up little British Mini Cooper cars. They were as big as hits as any of the stars. (I want one!)

This movie understands what makes a picture work and does not overpopulate it with too many characters and twists, and throws a little something for everyone.

Watching this film was a heck of a lot of fun.

The Italian Job is a formula heist film, full of double revenge, full of double crosses, and a few triple crosses as well.

As remakes go, this one is better than the original, and although the Mini Cooper sequence runs into maximum time on screen, it's still a well-executed, pretty entertaining movie that is well worth seeing.

The Italian Job is a fascinating, fresh fun ride. It's full of double crosses, and wild getaway stunts--a fast and furious action adventure film.

The picture isn't quite a masterpiece about a team of safecrackers and con artists, but it gets the job done very well for a caper/heist movie.

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