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This isn't one of Woody Allen's all-time great films, and you might not get big belly laughs all the time. But he's going to keep you chuckling throughout most of this movie.

His stories are fun to follow and to see how much trouble he can get into with his far-out mind. Then he brings it back together before bashing you with the punchlines.

As usual, it's set in the 40s in New York City as a backdrop. This movie has a good feel about it and is just a pleasurable experience.

Those of you expecting Woody Allen's return to comedy may be slightly disappointed.

Although this film sports a fine ensemble cast and a great period look, it lacks the punch of his earlier films. As a matter of fact, it's his lightest comedy to date.

Fans like myself will love it anyway, but others might find it dull and lackluster.

This fence sitter says, "average."

Sings: How High the Moon and Tuxedo Junction

I liked the way the script in this romantic comedy unfolds with a sharp storyline. I also especially liked the way the music of the 40s was blended into the action.

This odd, humorous amusement unites hypnosis, thievery and romance together.

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