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The Iron Lady just highlights Margaret Thatcher's life through her political career as England's Prime Minister, but so vague and limited leaving details out.

It shows mostly an elderly Margaret well into retirement wandering around her home talking to the hallucinations of her dead husband.

Don't get me wrong, it's a brilliant piece of acting by Meryl Streep that's likely to win her a lot of awards.

The story left me wanting more information and details, but Meryl Streep pulls it off, even with a disappointing, lazy script.
If there is any reason for seeing this movie, it's for Meryl Streep's outstanding performance as Margaret Thatcher, England's first (and only) female Prime Minister.

If it's accuracy you're looking for, then forget it!

Both direction AND script lack verisimilitude.

Told mainly in flashbacks, history takes a backseat to flights of dementia as Margaret reflects on her past life.

BOTH slow and tedious.
Oscar and recent Golden Globe winner for The Iron Lady, actress Meryl Streep plays the mighty Prime Minister Margaret Thacher, who led Britain for 11 years.

The movie extends across 7 decades, but focuses on the peak of Thatcher's power in the 1980s.

The film is about the ups and downs of her unusual political career; it's also about family, love, loss, and bereavement.

In other words, it's the tale of an old Iron Lady with dementia who remembers her life in different flashbacks and shows how she is exposed to problems of age, like any person.  

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