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I, Robot




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This special-effect murder-mystery is a mind-blowing visual marvel.

I, Robot isn't quite so successful in engaging the brain, but it's far more enjoyable than most summer blockbusters.

It's a high-tone popcorn movie with a good deal of energy and a script that mixes a little thinking matter with nice touches of humor.

Homicide detective Del Spooner (played by Will Smith) arrives to investigate a murder at the robot factory, but just doesn't trust these creepy engineered butlers.

So check it out for yourself, and join the fun.

I, Robot is a typical summer sci-fi, an intelligent, thought-provoking vision of the future that turns into a big, loud action adventure movie, full of amazing CGI effects and a disappointing plot.

It is Isaac Asimov's vision in name only, having little to do with great writing and a lot to do with box office hype.

I liked the first hour of this science fiction tale and found that the movie's forceful predicament, that robots are going bad, to be a situation that could be the start of an interesting story.

But the last half of this film seemed to be more of a flashy video game. In the end the picture becomes action insanity, with robots in revolution, and loses the human factor.

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