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Me, Myself, and Irene




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First, let me say that Me, Myself, and Irene contains lots of risque jokes, with a warped sense of humor--just plain vulgar comedy and dialog.

But it shows what happens when you're too nice too long.

Jim Carrey plays a state trooper who is finally pushed to the wall and is transformed into a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality.

Carrey pulls this two-part character off, doing what he does very well, by voice and facial expressions and with his physical comedy, this makes for his kind of movie.

The Farrellys are back to prove they are the equal opportunity offenders as they take on racial stereotypes, dogs, cows, chickens, and nearly EVERY type of bodily fluid.

Jim Carrey does his best with a weak script, a weak chin, and a terrible Dirty Harry impression.

Quite a few belly laughs, but in the end it's the same old serving of soft ice cream.

I liked the way the film starts out with the star singing and cruising along in his big bike:

I'm just doing my job.
I'm the High-way patrol.

This movie is unrefined, insensitive, grossed-out entertainment in bad taste, with a pointless plot.

The story is split between a slow-moving out-of-focused romance and a crude comedy.

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