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This is a strange, intriguing, complex story, as the viewer becomes involved with the negative effects of a high-stress investigation.

I liked the way they revealed the plot early in the film, so you could watch the cat and mouse face-off between a very bright and evil killer and a detective who is burdened by the effects of lack of sleep and his own problems at home and work.

Al Pacino and Robin Williams give it their all to make this film work so well for me.

It's summer in Alaska, and the sun never sets. Add to that an L.A. homicide cop with a troubled past and a mystery writer who has written himself into a corner.

From cat and mouse to downright complicity, this psychological thriller definitely chooses a different path.

So, if you love ambiguity (and who doesn't) then take a stroll.

Insomnia is a movie that takes place in Alaska, up above the Arctic Circle in the land of the midnight sun.

The cinematography has some breathtaking scenes that are incredibly stunning.

The suspense of this thriller starts off on the slow side, but soon grabs you, takes control, and keeps your attention.

It's thought provoking and makes you think and quickly becomes a hair-raising psychological chiller.

It doesn't hurt to have 3 Academy Award-winning actors involved with the story either.

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