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The Incredibles




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Pixar's latest effort, the superhero comedy The Incredibles, not only keeps their reputation going but also kicks their work up a notch to a new level.

They have put together a brilliant blend of fast-moving comedy, dazzling visuals, and heart-felt emotions that put most other animated filmmakers to shame.

This movie will delight audiences of all ages. It just can't get much better.

Pixar does it again, as a family of sequestered superheroes comes out of hiding to save the world from possible destruction.

A delightful send up of both James Bond and comic book films, The Incredibles is aided by a fine jazzy score that perfectly complements its 60s visual style.

This is a film that will tickle the funny bone of children and adults alike.

The Pixar Studio's animated movies seem to get better with each film. They now have very successfully told stories of toys, monsters, insects, and fish.

Pixar now moves on to its new animated sensation, called The Incredibles, which earned $70.5 million, making it the best first week opening yet for the studio.

The picture is an absolutely incredible adventure into the lives of a family of super humans, which involves action, humor, beautiful visuals, and--most of all--a great story.

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