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This digitally animated movie, filled with a cast of charming funny critters from the ice age, is funny entertainment at its best, and will melt the hearts of old and young alike.

Its characters, dialogue, humor, and voice performances are first rate.

This cute and clever story has warmth that will melt even an Eskimo Pie with warm laughter.

In the world of C.G.I. (computer generated imagery) this entry may seem a little pedestrian-- and it is. The entire plot is about returning a human infant to its parent.

But the voice characterizations and that manic, nut-hiding saber-toothed squirrel make this an enjoyable outing none the less.

The film lacks the social satire of Shrek, but maintains the feel of a Saturday morning cartoon.

Ice Age is a computer-animated cartoon movie that combines humor, action, and beauty and is just plain fun.

It is a must see family film that is both amusing and amazing at the same time.

I liked the squirrel; he's a winterized version of the Coyote from the Road Runner cartoons. His acorn burying amusements are scattered throughout the picture, from beginning to end.

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