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I (Heart) Huckabees




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For me, I (Heart) Huckabees is a film that's hard to label and even harder to explain.

It's a mix of highbrow humor and lowbrow slapstick, a screwball comedy for thinkers and for those who think they're thinkers.

The plot is to find the meaning of life.

One thing about this movie is you don't have to have a degree in philosophy in order to enjoy it. Just sit back and enjoy the humor and fun, even if you can't explain the story.

I was too busy laughing to follow the plot, but I dug it.

If existentialism is your bag, have I got a comedy for you.

Packed to the rafters with big-name stars, I (Heart) Huckabees may have the strangest title and the strangest script ever written, as our hero, Albert, attempts to unlock the truth about coincidence and collective thought.

A nihilistic romp into the subconscious mind.

This crazy comedy of existence is really full of itself, with everyone in this mixed-up mess babbling on and on about everything and nothing that makes sense to me.

This movie is like having a complex, screwball dream that's full of wordy, speculative thought, fearful desires to make good, strong feelings of resentment and competition that won't go away.

The characters in this flick never become human beings that we care about.

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