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You might think you're watching First Blood tracking down Rambo or The Fugitive 3.

Tommy Lee Jones again plays a driven man tracking down a killer he trained.

The biggest problem with The Hunted is it just doesn't make a lot of sense. You never get a clear picture of why the killer did what he did. Should we like him or hate him and hope he gets killed?

This just might make a great video game, there's plenty of blood and guts and hand-to-hand combat throughout.

The picture's plotholes and lapses in logic fell way short of my expectations.

It's Rambo meets The Fugitive as Tommy Lee Jones hunts for Benicio Del Toro in one very long chase scene. And to make matters worse, great action scenes are lost in a muddled story made laughable by a lack of both character development and a believable plot.

Nice action, but same old story with no payoff.

The Hunted is a story of a retired special operations killing instructor who is brought in to track down an AWOL soldier gone psycho, who he has trained.

I think the problem with this movie is that it was put together too fast in the face of a potential actors strike two years ago.

Hunted goes way off track and isn't worth the chase. It's not believable and becomes a bloody mess.

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