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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets




Gene the Barber

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By now, most everyone knows Harry Potter, so let's just cut to the chase.

I enjoyed this film more than the first because it has more grit and its hero transforms from a boy with a wand to a mystical warrior battling evil critters.

The action sequences alone make the movie worth seeing--with stunning special effects and a little complex plot without being too complicated to follow.

It has an Indiana Jones feel, which I liked. Twisting reality into fantasy is what Harry Potter is all about. 

He's older, he's wiser, he's Harry Potter off to his second year at Hogsworth magical school.

It's another adventure with new characters and all the familiar faces, and more hype than any other film in history, with biographies and backgrounds about the writers, director, and actors (in other words, everything you expect and will see on the extended DVD).

True to the book (with some minor changes) and with snazzier special effects, this one will delight Muggles and wizards alike.

Hocus-pocus, Harry Potter is back in focus, with its magic formula left in place from the first book that grossed almost 1 billion worldwide.

Everyone is back in this adaptation of the second book in J.K. Rowlings' wildly popular series.

Episode two of the projected seven-part series is cleverly produced, more streamlined, and outmatches its own predecessor with amazing new magical powers, humor, and special effects thrills.

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