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Bringing Down the House is not a great movie, but Steve Martin is still one wild and crazy guy.

It's a black and white culture clash comedy, full of laughs and some screwball chemistry going on, where the stars act like fools.

All Martin fans should be impressed. It's not art, but funny enough for me.

As bland and predictable comedies go, this one is both bland and predictable.

Steve Martin plays it mostly straight, so Queen Latifah can do no wrong, but it's a movie that is funny despite itself, not because of plot contrivances or physical comedy, but by sheer dumb luck.

The character actors go all out, which helps overcome a weak script that should never have been made into a movie.

Bringing Down the House is a rough, poorly adjusted comedy that is precisely formula material--made worse by an absolute careless depiction of the characters, whose path to friendship is neither believable nor remotely accounted for.

Most of the jokes turn on racial patterns, which the film presents without a sense of humor and certainly without truth.

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