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The Hours features three women in three different time periods with one motive--to commit suicide.

They are attracted to women and have either left, or plan to leave their husbands. Two of them are bookworms, and the other a writer of which the others read and relate to.

It has many great performances and an endless list of big stars, and is a humongus job of filmmaking at its best.

It's daring, risky, realistic, and straightforward.

Three women on the verge of nervous breakdowns must deal with their personal demons with only the slender thread of a novel to connect them.

This movie is a showcase of talent, with both principal and minor roles magnificently cast.

When Virginia Woolf wrote Mrs. Dalloway, do you think she realized how it would affect future generations?

A beautiful film that is well worth seeing.

The Hours is about one day in the life of three women, in three eras, connected by Virginia Woolf's book, Mrs. Dalloway.

It's a delicate three-part novel about the last day in Virginia Woolf's life and a 1950's housewife considering suicide and a present day poet preparing a dinner party for her dying ex-lover.

The strength of the picture has a lot to do with the way the writer constructed the drama to film.

Great acting all around, with a super-star cast.

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