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Hotel Rwanda




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Hotel Rwanda revolves around the manager of a luxury hotel who helped save more than 1,000 refugees from certain death.

This uprising coup claimed around 1 million lives in this small African nation of 8 million.

They show all the gory details from a distance and on TV monitors, but the emotional impact is still there.

Most all nations stood and watched from a distance. This true story is a powerful movie to watch.

Hotel Rwanda is a moving tribute to those who can no longer turn a blind eye to their surroundings.

Don Cheadle gives an outstanding performance as a man who has seen the senseless atrocities of propaganda and war.

Turning the hotel he manages into a refugee camp, he manages to save over 1,200 Rwandans from mass murder.

A powerful, thought-provoking, and absolutely true story.

Hotel Rwanda is a powerful true story about a real-life hero who put his life on the line to save others during the civil war in Rwanda that happened in the African country during 1994.

The movie is a shame-inducing history lesson that leaves you stunned by the worldwide indifference to this homicidal madness.

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