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Hollow Man




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I have always liked invisible men pictures, and this is a very scary, gory, erotic thriller.

Believe me, this is not a nice guy. He does some really bad stuff, along with some very graphic violence. I hope this won't stand in the way of your seeing this surprisingly good horror film.

The dialog is a bit cliched and stupid at times, but who cares? It has the most startling effects ever for an invisible man picture, so give it a chance and have fun with it.

And remember, it's science fiction, for crying out loud.

With some of the most impressive visual effects and the worst script of all time, Hollow Man truly serves up a mixed bag of salad (complete with Bacon bits).

Yes, it has eye-popping special effects, some of the best ever, but it also has characters so underdeveloped that you find yourself rooting for the bad guy in the midst of the mindless gorefest that takes up the end of the picture.

Visual effects do not a movie make.

Hollow Man starts out wowing us with its biomedical visual dazzle, with the transformation scenes featuring both man and beast, which are spooky and spectacular. It's like an anatomy text book illustration come to nauseous, shaking life.

The picture sets up and then fails to deliver sensible ways of having fun with invisibility. It could have been a blast of ridiculous fun, but is instead bad and vicious. The star turns into a skin-deep monster who all but disappears as a character.

Cheap sex, pointless violence, and lack of meaning leave only a thin, temporary value to this depressive, empty movie nightmare.

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