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This winning novel for the younger set also has an appeal for a wide range of older audiences too.

Holes is the story of one kid's adventure at Camp Greenlake, a juvenile detention camp in the middle of a dried-up Texas lake bed, where he was sent after being falsely accused for stealing a pair of celebrity sneakers.

The movie's mix of comedy, drama, mystery, and adventure has a clever impressive look.

You will be pleasantly surprised, I was!

Did you know that digging holes, all day long, in the hot Texas sun, builds character? Or is it just an excuse to find something hidden in the desert for over a hundred years?

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, this odd piece of storytelling (with its three different tales) is great family fun.

It's a mystery with interesting characters, strange legends, and poisonous lizards, and although the ending was a little too Disney for me, it's an enjoyable romp.

The well-liked kids adventure book, Holes, makes for a bright and happy on-screen story.

The movie balances seriousness, silliness, and bravery.

The young actors play their parts with the relaxed point of regular boys, with the adult actors joining in with the same cheerful involvement.

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