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This movie manages to hold your attention with exciting action scenes, and a brisk pace, with a good relationship between a man and his horse.

The special charisma that comes from the leading man, Viggo Mortensen, makes for a great ol' time at the theater.

I enjoyed the old-fashioned look, touch, and feel to this movie. It might be just what you're looking for, this time of year.

It sure was for me.

Spectacular desert landscapes highlight this poorly paced "true" story of a 3,000-mile race across "the ocean of fire."

Viggo Mortensen mumbles his way through a mediocre script, while Hidalgo, the horse of the title, is reduced to nothing more than one of the many characters whose screen time is all too short.

Based on a true story--it's as average as they get.

The movie is a pure and simple fantasy, and the star's scrappy horse's race across the Arabian desert in 1890 is no legend, but a load of hay.

The hostile terrain was not crossed until 1931, and then only by the use of camels.

Oh, well, I do like real-life stories, even if they are very loosely based.

The tale is long, but I found the final 15 minutes to be the most exciting, with the wild mustang horse's roaming free at the climactic ending.

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