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Hero takes place in ancient China, when seven kings divided it. Then, the ruler of the Qin section threatens to overtake the other six.

It takes time for the story to become interesting, but the beautiful costumes, gorgeous sets, amazing over-the-top battle, and an outstanding color scheme make for one of the most lavish martial-arts films to date.

It's so breathtaking that you're willing to forgive the subtitles and lagging pace.

Chinese film is literally magical--you must suspend belief in the laws of physics just to enjoy its rich tapestry.

And that rich tapestry is color, which is shown throughout, not just for good art direction but also as an identifier.

Told in a Rashomon style of multiple perspectives, Hero unfolds 2,000 years ago, when China was divided into seven warring factions.

Shown more as myth than reality, it attempts to explain how actions become legends and how one man becomes folklore.

Hero is a Chinese spectacle, dated back some 2,000 years ago, when China was divided into seven kingdoms, and all were battling for control of the land.

The most powerful king was determined to unify the land and become supreme ruler through the use of force.

The movie is stylish, with amazing gravity-defying martial art moves.

The film is a model example of the art of expressing visual beauty.

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