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Hereafter is about faith, not religion, and stars Matt Damon -- who plays a retired psychic with super powers, trying to live a peaceful life.

I found this movie was purely emotional and no room for jokes, plus Clint Eastwood (the director) wants to tell a story about near-death and death, then did just that, without stepping on anyone's beliefs or pushing some type of spirit world agenda.

Hereafter is not your typical mainstream film.

It feels more like an European movie made for American audiences.

It might be because of the sub-titles and exotic locales, or it might be because that's how director Clint Eastwood wanted us to feel.

It follows three people with recent death experiences and a psychic whose loneliness is caused by his ability to "see the other side."

It's a strangely cerebral film with beautiful scenery and a couple of great cameos.

Director Clint Eastwood's new movie, Hereafter, follows three separate plot lines, struggling with mortality.

The film features three central characters that have been touched by death.

The performances by the leads are outstanding.

Eastwood's cinematic choices over the years have developed both in the variety of material he is willing to bring to the screen and the knowledge of the art with which he presents it.

Hereafter is in a group with the best things he has ever done (in my view).

I especially liked the satisfying, tender conclusion.

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