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If you think you know where Hancock is going, you're in for a surprise.

It starts as a comedy, becomes an action flick, then winds up as a relationship drama.

You're either going with it, or you won't -- but the first part of the movie was good enough for me to stay with it until the end.

The special effects are top-notch, but if they make another Hancock, they should send him to the AA plus finishing school.

Hancock is another good premise ruined by bad writing.

The idea of a bumbling super hero is funny, but halfway through this film it takes an unexpected plot turn and suddenly becomes a drama (from which it never recovers).

Will Smith may be the "king of the 4th of July box office," but at this rate he will soon be floundering at Groundhogs Day.

Too bad I couldn't warn you sooner.

Will Smith plays a mixed-up, disorderly, hard-drinking L.A.-based super hero in the summer blockbuster film called Hancock.

His character is, at first look, a real goofball.

After some sort of accident, the unwilling crime-fighter doesn't know who he is or why he's in the big city.

He just knows he has talents for flying and magical powers to smash tall buildings with a single bound.

He's an alcohol-soaked-looking dude with a bum's wardrobe and a really bad attitude.

There's a bunch of interesting plots that weave through this story.

It's a slightly quirky off-centered approach for a super-hero movie, but that's what I liked -- a different combination of action, comedy, and drama.

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