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Hannibal the cannibal is back, wearing a big Panama hat. If eating certain parts makes you kinda sick, you probably shouldn't see this flick.

The visuals are beautiful--not like mud,
With lots of blue and bright red blood.
I like horror movies, that's for sure,
I wouldn't feed you a bunch of stuff . . .
Hannibal's scary enough.
It fills my cup to the brim with a great big smile and a grin.

Moviegoers eagerly awaiting this Silence of the Lambs sequel are in for a big disappointment.

Since FBI agent Clarice Starling has been reduced to little more than a plot device, there are few chances at psychological mind games or dialog, elements that made the first film so compelling.

Ridley Scott's moody direction, although beautiful, does little to compensate for the lackluster script. More serial killer than cannibal, we are treated to two hours of humorless carnage, capped off with a grisly farcical ending.

Hardly worth the wait.

Hannibal, the continuation of the Academy Award-winning Silence of the Lambs, is without a central point and lacks the sharpness of the 1991 classic movie.

I found this sequel to be darkly entertaining, but in the last hour the quality literally goes out the window and becomes a disgusting experience, with a few scenes so hideous that it can make your hair stand on end (well, maybe not in my case).

The picture is willfully vulgar and simply stupid, and in no way worth the embarrassment of watching it.

The film may be the most accomplished-looking, technically well-crafted piece of junk-trash this year.

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