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Hamlet 2's title is funnier than it entire whole -- a sequel to Hamlet?

Why not, when all you have to do is write in a time machine and put on a show just in time to save the entire drama department.

It's an ill-conceived comedy that thinks it's more offensive than it actually is.

Right now, the score stands at: Hamlet 2 -- Visitors 0.

The comedy movie Hamlet 2 describes the physical and mental agony of an ego-maniacal failure who is a loser that thinks he's an artist.

A weird, untalented actor who has become a self-loathing high school drama teacher in Tucson, Arizona, the star seems completely under equipped to take care of his personal and professional problems, which include having a child with his sharp-tongued wife, controlling his drama class that is full of unruly students, and facing the loss of the drama department because of school budget cutbacks.

The humor in this film is not smooth, and some scenes and performances gather laughter, but others fall flat.

The tale as a whole, with its silly over-the-top imitation of a serious writing where a teacher saves his students as the most important part feels over-long.

It is amusing at times, but it's as often irritating (in my view).

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