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This week's reviewed movie is:

Gene the Barber
Snick the Sidekick
Gordie the Barber
This feel-good Broadway musical is derived from the 1988 John Waters movie, Hairspray.

John Travolta plays a double-plus-sized mother, named Edna, in a fat  suit, and he or she is great.

Even the large cast gets more than enough time to shine.

I liked the way they kicked the original musical up a notch, and made the whole movie more refreshing and alive, with a positive message that doesn't get too heavy.

You're almost guaranteed to have a groovy good time.
Bad taste gone mainstream?

Hairspray is a watered-down version of the original movie (pun intended), but still great fun as hairhopper Tracy Turnblad fulfills her dream by becoming a dancer on the Corny Collins Show.

But trouble ensues as Baltimore endures the "checkerboard" thinking of the 60s.

As for Travolta, he is never anything but Travolta in a fat suit (how disappointing)!
I liked the music of the 60s in this swinging comedy musical.

The dancers and singers and all the characters in this production seem to be having a blast with the solid rock & rollbeat that moves this flick from one mood to the next

My hat's off to the director and his crew for putting together what may just turn out to be the happiest, serious message movie musical of the summer.

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