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The Grinch




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This movie is adapted from a popular t.v. cartoon, based on a book by Dr. Seuss, directed by Ron Howard, and starring Jim Carrey.

Boy, what a job he does with this Grinch character, even under all the green latex. His facial expressions still come through.

This is a new, fresh film that should be around for many years to come as a standard Xmas family story for kids and adults alike.

There's plenty of sparkling sets, and it's loaded with all sorts of things to watch, with fantastic details in every scene.

A Xmas film well worth seeing over and over again.

Ron Howard works his directorial magic on Dr. Seuss' classic Christmas tale, with art direction worthy of the original illustrations.

But it's Jim Carrey's rubber-faced performance that makes it work.

Sure, it sounds like he's doing Sean Connery doing the evil Mr. Grinch, but he's just lovable enough to be a great stocking stuffer.

It's a modern tale from an old classic out just in time for holiday merchandising.

I think the big fantasy movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, spends way too much time on background material about the Grinch and Whoville.

This leaves the classic story very little time to transform the cold-hearted Grinch from a Scrooge into the holiday's biggest supporter and most sincere celebrant.

There was too much meanness and discomfort, and not enough time left in the film for the joy of Christmas to develop (in my view).

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