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Disengage your brain and put it in neutral for Austin Power's Goldmember.

I liked the opening credits. They were totally surprising and the focus on Dr. Evil and Mini Me who accounts for numerous belly laughs.

To sum this picture up in a few words, I would use raunchy burlesque sex humor, with crude body part jokes.

I enjoy inspired silliness as much as anyone, but I think my age is showing a bit.

It doesn't really matter if I like this film or not, because this 3rd outing into the commercial world of Austin Powers will still make $200 million, and that is exactly what is wrong with it.

A string of skits filled with blatant product placement is not a good movie. It's more like a 90-minute commercial.

However, there are some funny moments, thanks to some superstar cameos.

Unfortunately, they only come at the beginning and at the end. The middle? Well, it's shlockadelic baby!

Austin Powers is back for the second sequel to his spy travels to 1997. The swinging spy travels to the seventies to confront a new villain called Goldmember, in this new movie.

It's bigger and more expensive than the others with lavish production numbers and outrageous visual jokes, with winking cameo appearances by at least six big movie celebrities.

This is goofy, gross, and crazy adult summer entertainment, but not for kids, and not for me.

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