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The Glass House




Gene the Barber

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This movie was put together with some fundamental problems throughout the picture. They tell you at the beginning what's going to happen and why. So you know everything that's going to take place.

The story is slow-moving and drags along. Even the serious straight lines become laughable.

I do give the last 30 minutes a few good points, but overall you can throw rocks at this glass house.

The Glass House is a tense, predictable thriller that is too long for its own good--about half an hour too long.

Acted at a snail's pace, it has all the trappings--sly glances, partial conversations, and an eerie shadow from the swimming pool.

But what it lacks is a decent script and innovation. People who live in glass houses shouldn't live such shattered lives.

The Glass House is a grim, frightful hyped-up spectacle that turns two orphaned children into victims.

The film's release just three days after the tragedy in New York and Washington is a case of bad timing and should have been rescheduled.

I didn't like the way the movie puts children in peril with its sexual situations and violence.

This is junk with a bitter, brutal edge. It's a really useless, trashy thriller--in my view.

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