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Gladiator is the marvel of modern technology. This is, I think, the best-ever swords -and-sandals movie yet.

It's not a sequel. It takes off where the fall of the Roman Empire leaves off, with an array of smashing costumes, defense armor, and weapons.

It's fast, furious physical action. The heads roll, torsos bloodied, and tigers maimed. What more could you ask for?

Don't wait for video--this should be seen on the big screen.
Gladiator is old-fashioned entertainment, a simple story told with grizzly violence, with super special effects helping, not overwhelming, the tale.

It's sort of a Ben Hur and Spartacus, without the Christians.

Savage, violent, and testosterone driven, it's a spectacle well worth seeing.

Hollywood hasn't attempted this type of film since the 60s. The story is Roman history, with the center based in part on real people and events.

Gladiator's lean and mean leading man Russell Crowe should rocket from a character actor into one of the big major stars.

The picture is a simple general-to-
slave-to-gladiator three-act story, which would be more than enough to sustain most summer fare, but the director and screenwriters had loftier goals and piled on a few twisty subplots for your enjoyment.

Gladiator is grittier and more authentic than its stylized predecessors, with the old curly hair brushed forward syndrome.

One screenwriter promises that within the first five minutes you will have forgotten every Victor Mature movie you have ever seen!

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