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Something's Gotta Give




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Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton play characters who have spent their lives avoiding emotional commitment in a strange, slanted, entertaining battle of the sexes.

This romantic comedy shows Diane's crows feet and Jack's wattle and silly grin in a movie about an older man in this late-in-life love story.

Written and directed by Nancy Myers and told from a female perspective, it's a darn good flick with chemistry.

If romance is on your Christmas wish list, then Jack's got a special present for you--a by-the-book romantic comedy for the Geritol set.

Jack is head-over-heels for Diane's Keaton's daughter, but how long can it last? One look at the trailer and you know where this one is heading.

Still, a sweet, funny comedy with some laugh-out-loud scenes.

The daughter and the mother's closeness gives this type of movie new meaning, too--romantic sharing.

The daughter gives her mother a chance at love, with her older playboy boyfriend, during a visit.

The situations are created when the male star has a mild Viagra-induced heart attack, that sets the tone for this funny, adult romantic comedy.

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