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This week's reviewed movie is:
Ghost Rider




Gene the Barber

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Anyone who expects much from the movie, Ghost Rider, should take heed--comic book story or not.

Nicholas Cage stars in the role of Johnny Blaze, and Evel Knievel look-alike who sold his soul to the devil to save his father.

I tried to enjoy the spectacular badness of this film, but you'll walk out thinking that was one of the worst movies you've ever seen. But you might be laughing while you say it, and that's the key.

With a little more work on the stale dialog, Ghost Rider could have been good-bad, rather than just bad-bad.

Some comic books can be transformed from the printed page to celluloid, and some cannot. This one cannot.

Had it been played more for laughs, Ghost Rider may have been more than a perpostrous idea, surrounded by a talented cast.

But instead, it's a goofy premise with a bad script looking for a convenient ending.

Nicholas Cage, you should be ashamed of yourself.

The movie, Ghost Rider, is based on the Marvel comic series.

It focuses on the story of Johnny Blaze, an Evel Knievel-like stunt rider who sells his soul to the devil and turns into a motorcycle-riding burning biker whenever it's dark out and he's in the presence of evil.

The special effects in this film are terrible and occasionally ridiculous.

There's a nonsensical plot, including a lack of logic with bad acting in the supporting roles.

But Ghost Rider is the kind of movie that's great, stupid, comic book fun.

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