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The Good Girl




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The Good Girl centers on a group of people in a small Texas town working at a discount retail store. Each is unhappy in his own way and searching for escape.

This movie is a pleasant surprise with a clever, well-constructed script, and is sensitive to its delicate balance and not afraid to make sudden shifts from comic to tragic situations.

It's packed with hayseed humor but maintains empathy, making you care what happens to them.

A well worth treat for me.

Jennifer Aniston shines in this character-study of a discount store employee trying to break the isolation of the tiny Texas town that holds her prisoner.

From boredom to infidelity to blackmail, it's one mistake after another (with humorous results).

A stellar cast helps round out the rough edges, and it's smooth sailing all the way to the end.

The Good Girl is a good little film.

Jennifer Aniston plays a small-town woman with a boring job and a lifeless marriage. She sees a chance to quicken her pulse when she hooks up with one of her discount store co-workers.

The Good Girl is an effective look at life in a dead-end existence. It's a work of some substance and requires your attention, a real study of characters.

The ending is not happy, but has a fitting one.

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