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Garden State is a unique film about a struggling actor/waiter returning to his childhood home in New Jersey to attend the funeral of his mother and who doesn't particularly want to be anywhere near his father.

The mood was just right to really get you into this complex story of some fun stuff, mixed with quirky circumstances of his younger emotional problems.

It's consistently easy to watch and follow, with a pretty good love story going on too.

Writer, director, and actor Zach Braff stars in Garden State, a quirky romantic comedy that proves you can go home. Or should you?

Escaping from the Lithium fog that has held his emotions in check most of his life, Andrew Largeman returns home to deal with the death of his mother and all the excess baggage that made him leave to begin with.

Light, whimsical, and full of nutty characters, Garden State is a surreal trip to a modern-day Oz.

This peculiar, weird, dreamlike coming-of-age comedy was a disappointment.

I did find some of the movie, especially at the start, to be interesting, but as a whole the film just didn't connect or hold my attention for any length of time, and (in my view) this picture will be easy to forget.

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