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Here's a look at capital punishment through the eyes of an activist (Kevin Spacey), who finds himself facing that very punishment when he's convicted of a capital crime.

They try to give you two films in one, and neither is done very well: one is a murder mystery and the other an innocent man on death row, racing the clock to save him.

This movie just didn't set and feel right, pushing a political message down my throat. I think most audiences can come to their own conclusions.

A philosophy professor on death row tries to convince a newswriter of his innocence three days before his execution, and the countdown begins.

Part mystery and part social commentary, this heavy-handed thriller is nothing more than politics disguised as art, but is so well acted that you can almost ignore the ridiculousness of the script.

It's like being trapped in Kevin Spacey's philosophy class for two hours.

The Life of David Gale is a fictional story that claims to be a passionate cry of protest against the death penalty.

The movies' summary of injustice shows little beyond a readiness to tie believability into the most complicated tangled connection of knots.

I didn't like the way the message of capital punishment was put together in this film.

All the tricks were explained in the end, but nothing seemed to make emotional sense.

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